About Us

We’re RIIO Money Transfer

an online money transfer platform enabling our users to send and receive money from over 20 countries without paying high transaction fees.

Unlike the big banks, we streamline our processes, enabling you to access the same services for less.

are we?

We’re a small but mighty challenger to the larger financial establishments which have grown complacent in their old-age.

Though we’ve only been around for a short time, our fresh viewpoint and competitive nature have established RIIO Money Transfer as the not-to-be-overlooked under-dogs of the financial industry.

With an ever-expanding population of users which is growing by the day, we’re making waves in the world of financial services.


We’re passionate about putting control back into the hands of the individual and allowing users the freedom to transfer their money with ease. Our users are at the heart of our business, so you can trust that at every opportunity,

RIIO Money Transfer will endeavour to improve our service offering while reducing the costs passed on to you. It’s this focus on the end result to our users that we pride ourselves on.


We aim to be

market leaders in a digital world

where borders are increasingly seen to be a social construct.

We see a future where topping up a relatives mobile phone in Bangladesh or Nigeria is no more difficult than paying for a coffee at your local coffee shop.

Monetary distribution on a worldwide scale is restricted only by the practical and financial hurdles created by the financial industry, and we’re here to shake that up.


RIIO Limited is a UK Registered company with Head Office in London. Company Certificate of Incorporation Number: 11552198.

We are supervised in the UK by the FCA, under the Payment Service Directive 2009, Reg Number: 822087.
We are registered with the HMRC as a money service, Business Reg Number: 9384900239.

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